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Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair

iPhone 6 LCD + Repair = $65

iPhone 6 Plus LCD + Repair = $85

iPhone 6s LCD + Repair = $100

iPhone 6s Plus LCD + Repair = $110

iPhone 7 LCD + Repair = $120

iPhone 7 Plus + Repair = $135

iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s LCD + Repair = $50

iPhone 4 / 4s LCD + Repair = $40

LG G2 LCD + Repair = $80

LG G3 LCD + Repair = $85

LG G4 LCD + Repair = $100

LG G5 LCD + Repair = $110

ZTE Max LCD + Repair = $80

Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass + Repair = $55

Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass + Repair = $75

Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Port + Repair = $35

Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD + Repair = $165

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 LCD + Repair = $180

Liquid Damage Repair – $50 ($35 if unsuccessful)

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When choosing a business to repair your cell phone, it is important you know your technicians level of experience. In today’s society, anyone can watch a YouTube video, fix a phone, and call themselves an expert. Being such a new industry, there is no oversight when it comes to cell phone repairs. Because of this we are seeing a rampant increase of DBR ‘d (Damage Beyond Repair) phones. The prevailing theory seems to be “You can’t do much worse, I’ll go ahead and let you give it a go.”

The theory at Ocala Fix LLC is that we only repair what we are comfortable with. If we don’t have the tools or experience with a certain device, we will refer you to a trusted partner.

Our company’s founder, Darrin DeTorres, has over 5 years of experience with cell phone sales and repair. He has repaired thousands of phones in this time period including iPhones, Galaxys, BlackBerrys and Droids. Darrin was one of the first technicians in the state to master Glass Separation and has saved customers thousands of dollars in otherwise costly repairs.

Most screen repairs are A+ Quality aftermarket screens that come with a 6 month warranty against defects. The only OEM screens on the market are refurbished from broken devises. We tend to stay away from OEM screens as they cost more and there is no way to know the issues the device they came off of had.

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