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Meet the Owner

meforsiteMy name is Darrin DeTorres and I am the owner of Ocala Fix LLC. I have over 3 years of cellular sales and repair experience. While pursuing my Bachelor’s I worked part time at various cell phone companies, in order to pay for my education. Most recently I helped found Wireless Repairs in Belleview, Florida. The repair shop currently services 100-150 customers a month, and upon leaving was one of the most referred shops in the area.

My Vision with Ocala Fix

One of the biggest issues I noticed with my previous venture was that people didn’t always have time to have their devices repaired. Nearly 75% of my customers expressed that they had been dealing with their broken phone for weeks. I hope to provide a service that allows people to have their phones repaired on the spot. In the few days since I started this company I have already met people at the park, their gym, and at the store as they have gone shopping. If it’s possible to be fixed on site I will do it. If not I will pick it up and return it upon completion. I want to be your go to guy for all your wireless repair needs!



I am what some would call a product of Ocala. I moved to Florida in 8th grade and went to high school at Vanguard, where I ran Cross Country and Track. Upon graduating in 2006 I had earned an athletic and academic scholarship to Emrby Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. Unfortunately, after my first semester I was in a car accident and was unable to compete so I moved back to Ocala to pursue my AA and recover.

While obtaining my AA, I worked for McCall Communications. As an authorized Sprint Dealer, I was selling Smart Phones when most people still were rocking the flip phones! While selling I was a top 3 performer throughout the whole company, while working just a fraction of the hours of my coworkers. My rapport with my customers lead the management to transfer me to the service center, as most technicians couldn’t deal with the stress of 50+ customers per day. While in the service center I gained experience that has helped me with my present ventures.

After obtaining my AA from CFCC, I transferred to the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. While there I obtained my Bachelor’s in Communication with a focus on Advertising. To help pay for school and expenses I managed a specialty running store and repaired cell phones on the side.

Shortly after graduating I took a job in St. Johns County, where I worked with high school students to promote tobacco prevention. I was contracted for a year to help schools Students Working Against Tobacco clubs and was responsible for the County partnership’s web design. While under contract I help start 4 clubs, got 2 city resolutions, and put the county on track to banning the sell of candy flavored tobacco in stores that allow people who are under the age of 18.

After finishing up my contract, I moved back to Ocala to help my grandma with my little brother and sister. Since I have been back I have been very active in the health and fitness community. I am currently the active President of the Ocala Runners Club and am the founder of I also am a volunteer coach for the Vanguard High School Cross Country and Track teams. Last cross country season we had the individual girls state champion, our girls team place 3rd at state, and our boys team placed 5th at state. Our top runner this season in track is a freshmen who currently has the fastest 1600m time in the state and is one of the top ranked runner in the country.


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